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The school Colegio un Lugar de Esperanza, which means A Place of Hope, was founded in 2000. It is located in Baitoa, Dominican Republic. As the only private school in our community, our vision is to offer a quality education to any student who has the desire to learn. We believe that every child has the right to a quality education and, as educators, our desire is provide an atmosphere where our students are valued and encouraged to grow not only academically, but also spiritually and socially as well. Our curriculum and programs engage and challenge our students to think critically while also making them aware of the social issues that the both the Dominican Republic and world face. Our hope is that the instruction and nourishment we provide here will not only change the lives of our students and their families, but also transform our community and nation, breaking the cycle of poverty and broken families.

When we initially started, we had about 25 students. We have since grown and currently have about 100 students who range in age from 2 to 11. Our school works with students who come from different social classes and have different socioeconomic statuses. Some are underprivileged or come from impoverished households, some have parents with little education, and others have parents who are very well-educated. However, to ensure that each child has the opportunity to learn, we offer scholarships and discounted tuition prices to all our students based on the family’s financial need. We also offer other services such as family and student counseling and transportation to and from school.


For the last 20 years, we have seen God utterly transform the lives of our community through our outreach at A Place of Hope. A strong education, combined with solid Christian principles and the testimony of Jesus’ deep love for His children has changed the lives of our children, their families, and this very nation! To find out how you can partner with us to continue providing a quality education to our students, click here.

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