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Colegio un Lugar de Esperanza


In the Dominican Republic, public schools are overcrowded and offer a very low standard of education. Many come through this system without knowing how to read or write. In our small town of Baitoa, we believe that every child has the right to a quality education. Colegio un Lugar de Esperanza, meaning A Place of Hope, was founded in 2000 to impact the lives and education of the children in our community. Our mission is to provide a quality education for the children that will launch them into a promising future. We hope to help them break the chains of poverty by equipping them both academically and spiritually and change a generation by providing them with the tools they need for success.

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Awakening the Community


One of our most powerful outlets for ministry is through media - both radio and television.  In 2008 Leo founded a television network we later were able to add a radio ministry. The media outreach expands the reach of our ministry, exposing communities to everything from education to the power of God to change lives. 

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El Centro Cristiano Emmanual


Our ministry and church base is located in the rural area of Baitoa but the ministry extends to the “barrio of Hato Mayor,” located in the city of Santiago where we have two churches under our covering. One of those churches is the Haitian church that serves as a place of refuge and hope. We have a youth ministry, a children's ministry, and different outreach programs such as street evangelism and hospital visits.

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Breaking Boundaries


Strong families are the most important aspect of any society. Our ministry is breaking boundaries and traditions by teaching the men that they cannot be limited to the role of provider. The men must take an active role in the lives of their children and be examples of faith, love, and respect. Women, who have had to be both mother and father, are now learning that they too have a destiny and purpose in the kingdom of God.

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Generation of Fire


“The Generation of Fire” ministry evangelizes the community through music and drama. Many of the youth write and produce their own music that ministers to the hearts of others.

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