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For several years now, I, Bishop Larry Taylor and my wife, First Lady Desetra Taylor, have been sowing seeds of finances, service and encouragement into the fertile soil of A Heart for the Nations International.  The ministry, founded and overseen by Leonardo and Cherilyn Perez offers a myriad of Christian and community-based services to the people of Santiago & Baitoa in the Dominican Republic.  Each year we visit, we see the bountiful harvest of their faithful service and leadership.  I remember touring the “new school” during our first visit some years ago.  I saw the passion with which Cheryl worked as she taught the nearly two dozen young students. We watched Pastors Leo and Cheryl faithfully ministering the word of God and serving the members of their congregation with love and Christian hospitality.   It is amazing to see that now the school, Colegio un Lugar de Esperanza, has grown to more than 100 students from 2 years old to 6th grade and the church flourishes as more and more people come to learn about the wonderful love and plan that the Savior Christ Jesus has for them.


Our church, Center for Hope Ministries in Bloomington IL, USA is always excited to help sponsor tuition for a family in need or to provide uniforms, school supplies or other resources.  My wife and I particularly love coming to do marriage and family workshops for families served by the ministry.  We have often brought along ministry teams to help with whatever might be needed from dance and worship workshops to leadership training. We always know that we will see a harvest of fruit of our shared labor.

Bishop Larry Taylor 


Mission teams are very influential and important to our vision. Each team brings a different flavor and a much needed seed to sow into this nation. 
Some examples of teams we have had include:
​*  Leadership training
*  Dance and worship ministry
*  Evangelistic teams
*  Work teams
*  Vacation Bible Schools
Please contact us if you're interested in learning more about missions
opportunities with A Heart for the Nations International!
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Danette Nelson

I’ve had the privilege of visiting Baitoa and supporting A Heart for the Nations for more than 15 years. Even at a young age, I knew there was something special about the land, the people and this ministry. When you’re with Pastor Cheryl & Leo you will be encouraged by who they are and their determination to see change and make it happen. They have a knack for empowering those around them to dream bigger, by finding ways for individuals to use their natural gifts & talents to share with the local community. And while sharing these gifts you may be very nervous (like I’ve been), but you’ll find they’ve fostered such a safe and inviting environment that even if you feel like you’ve failed, you’ll want to try again. Give again. Believe in the power of love, God & people…Again. I always gain more than I give, every time I visit. I can’t wait to see what God does next for this ministry. 


If you’re reading this and wondering if you should partner with this ministry or take a visit, follow your heart to Baitoa. You’ll benefit from the experience more than you know.

Leah M

Having had the opportunity to work firsthand with A Heart for the Nations International for some years, it's always amazing to see how blessed the community is when missions teams come in.  The impact goes beyond just a few days. People's lives are continually being transformed by the seeds sown by every group and every person who visits. And what you give pales in comparison to what you will receive --- the laughable and crazy experiences, a new perspective, community, and an open door to come back because you've become family. It definitely is a life-changing experience and one well worth having. Plus, the kids at the Colegio are super cute!

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